White Powder Pharmaceutical Intermediate 99%Ammonium Oxalate

White Powder Pharmaceutical Intermediate 99%Ammonium Oxalate Basic Info

  • Model NO.: AOPI-001

  • Grade: AR

  • Content: Standard

  • Source: Imported Reagents

  • Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Application: Industry

  • CAS: 1113-38-8

  • Purity: 99%

  • Einecs: 214-202-3

  • Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Specification: industry grade

  • Classification: Organic Analytical Reagents

  • Specific Usage: Pharmaceutical Intermediate

  • Usage: Pharmaceutical Intermediate

  • Habit Appellation: Chemical Medicine

  • Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Property: Organic Reagent

  • Mf: C2h8n2o4

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Origin: China

White Powder Pharmaceutical Intermediate 99%Ammonium Oxalate Product Description

Ammonium oxalate  Specifications

Product name:Ammonium oxalate
Chemical name:Diammonium oxalate; Ethanedioic acid, diammonium salt; Oxalic acid, diammonium salt; diammonium ethanedioate; ethanedioic acid ammoniate (1:1); Ethanedioic acid diammonium salt
English name:Ammonium oxalate
CAS NO. :1113-38-8 (anhydrous), 6009-70-7(monohydrate)
Molecualr formula:(NH4)2C2O4┬ĚH20 or (NH4)2C2O4
Molecular weight:142.11 or 124.01
Properties:colorless crystal; soluble in water; insoluble in ethyl alcohol
Main technical index:Itemtop gradeanalytically pureindustrial productanhydrous(1)clarity testqualifiedqualifiedqualifiedqualified(2)water insoluble0.0030.0050.0050.005(3)Residue on ignition0.0050.010.010.01(4)chloride0.00050.0010.0050.005(5)sulfur compound0.0050.010.010.002(6)Ferrum(Fe)0.00020.00050.0010.001(7)heavy metal(Pb)0.00020.0010.0020.002

Basic organic chemical product: chemical material, chemical reagent, precipitator, propellant, accelerant, reducing agent and so on

Packing:25kg compound bag
Storage:in seal to avoid moisture and fire

White Powder Pharmaceutical Intermediate 99%Ammonium Oxalate Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:25kg compound bag
Delivery Detail:Within 10 days after receipt of payment or L/C


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