Wengfu: Chemical Mining "baby"

"When it comes to use of phosphogypsum, the most obvious is to use phosphogypsum to manufacture building materials, but it was simply the low level of development. Phosphogypsum contains many valuable resources, such as sulphur, if used well, can not only relieve the supply pressure of scarce resources, but also for enterprises to create new profit growth point. "What wengfu Group Chairman He Haoming, gave away the Group's overall approach to development and utilization of phosphogypsum.

As one of the leading enterprises of China's phosphorous chemical industry, wengfu group did a lot of work on comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum. "Unremitting exploration, we found that only through chemical means, through technological innovation development and utilization of phosphogypsum, in solid waste can be to maximize the function of each substance, can truly achieve a resource recycling, something seemingly worthless baby, discovering an inestimable value. "He Haoming said. In this course under the guidance of wengfu Group began a bold practice, and major breakthroughs were made.

Most notably is the use of production of ammonium sulfate from phosphogypsum and its economic impact has presented 10 times levels of growth.

This reporter has learned, the technology of wengfu Group's independent research and development of new technologies, the main process is a metathesis reaction with ammonium carbonate and gypsum to produce ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate. Wengfu have been built using this technology at present an annual output of 250,000 tons of ammonium sulfate plant, with annual consumption 520,000 tons of phosphogypsum and 85,100 tons of carbon dioxide reduction.

"This is at present a great way to use of phosphogypsum. If we use so much phosphogypsum gypsum brick production, output is 50 million Yuan, and if they are to use the technology to break down, producing ammonium sulfate and calcium oxide output can reach more than 400 million Yuan. Not the same idea, different technology, phosphogypsum increased in value by nearly 10 times. This is the power of technology. We develop phosphogypsum, there must be benefits to lasting. "He Haoming said. According to him, currently particles of ammonium sulfate on the international price has been able to sell for $ 300/ton.

Another technique is to use phosphogypsum producing sulphuric acid and lime. It is understood that this technology is the dehydration of phosphogypsum by dilute suspension for water and anhydrous gypsum, enter the unique suspension calciner reactor with decomposition, get the mixed gas of sulfur dioxide into sulphuric acid system, obtained through purification, transformation, attracting sulfuric acid. Currently, in accordance with this technical course, wengfu have built annual production capacity of 5000 tons of phosphogypsum decomposition and pilot heating device, through the optimization of basic parameters, provide the basis for industrialization.

"Phosphogypsum contains large amounts of sulfur, on the one hand have a strong corrosive because of the acid, brought great trouble to storage while on the other hand, sulfur and phosphate fertilizer production and scarcity of essential resources, each year for the production of ammonium to import millions of tons of sulfur. Especially in recent years, high prices for sulfur, heavy burden on enterprises and the State. Therefore, if acid decomposition of phosphogypsum, really is a beneficial thing. "He Haoming said. Reporter learned that, in 2010, the wengfu invested 430 million Yuan on a new set of equipment, extraction of sulfate from phosphogypsum, consumes 1.5 million tons of phosphorus gypsum to produce 600,000 tons of sulfuric acid.

Wengfu group using the chemical decomposition of phosphogypsum used the third exploration of phosphogypsum producing sulphuric acid and calcium carbide. The technology is by adding a reducing agent, decomposition reaction in a submerged arc furnace, releasing sulphur dioxide, are calcium oxide, calcium oxide and carbon materials obtained after the reaction of calcium carbide, calcium carbide. Calcium carbide is an important chemical raw material, the current domestic annual demand of about 10 million tons, price 5000 Yuan/ton, so use phosphogypsum to produce sulphuric acid and calcium carbide economic benefits are substantial.

In addition, the use of potassium sulfate production from phosphogypsum wengfu is exploring a new way of thinking. According to He Haoming introduced before United Kingdom, and Japan, and India, the former Soviet Union had phosphorus gypsum production of potassium sulfate and potassium chloride conversion method is studied, explores the principles and process parameters. Using this method, utilization of phosphogypsum can be up to 65%~70%, to produce potassium sulfate is a high quality fertilizer, and the byproduct ammonium chloride, calcium carbonate can also be made of fertilizer and cement raw materials. Meanwhile, the production of low energy consumption, low investment, almost no "three wastes", regardless of the economic and environmental point of view are worthy of promotion.

Wengfu group officials told reporters that the current wengfu phosphorus gypsum used is 63%, far exceeding the levels required by the State. Wengfu himself requested to be hope in the "Twelve-Five" period, the utilization of phosphogypsum can be reached 100%.

However, told reporters He Haoming and, despite a lot of manpower and material resources for research and exploration, economic returns has also been made, but only on their own strength is too weak. In his view, the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum should attach great importance to the relevant State departments, composed of appropriate science and technology joint research conducted by the Panel, and set industry-wide efforts to solve this problem.

"Developing circular economy, a healthy environment, and build a green chemical, is a business, one entrepreneur's responsibility. This is infinite good things, and we will persevere with it and do our best. "He Haoming said.