Panyu Black Workshop Sodium Polysulfide Ammonium Sulfate Beef Offal Processing Ox Hoof

Ammonium sodium sulfide unhairing soak peroxide bleaching flavoring to cooked meat market stall

Panyu, a black employee of conscience condemned the news to reporters before the workshop; law enforcement authorities found banned and seized hundreds of kilograms of food

Simple food cooked dish pig ears, trotters, ox, beef tendon, is what many members of the public good, but behind this delicious, immersion through a toxic chemicals, do you dare to enjoy? Recently, the underground black workshop in Panyu, a work of an employee to the new express daily leaks, reveals the process of HIV cold dishes. He said that, starting from 2008, a large number of this type of HIV cold dishes flow to Panyu meat market. While in the course of unannounced visits to a number of local, random purchase leader finished the dish, has detected deadly sulfides.

Night before last night at 11 o'clock, quality supervision, Wei Jian, Guangzhou City industry and commerce joint law enforcement and public security departments, to take enforcement action in this black workshop, caught a soak in the unknown liquid in the ear, pig's feet and other hundreds of kilograms, and toxic chemicals, but the people involved had not been found. At present, joint law enforcement authorities for further investigations into the incident.

1, broke the three-chemical foam tender and succulent

Boy Hai worked in Guangzhou for years (not his real name), shiqiao, Panyu district, located in East Central and junctions, over more than 10 m from the Panyu road viaduct work for an underground meat processing black workshop. Watch boss bought ear, pig meat, after a road of toxic chemicals after soaking, then sent to the meat market by high prices stall, eventually went to people's tables.

"Conscience, you don't want these contaminated vegetables and others. "Hai said although he resigned from black workshop work, but still chose to leaks to the media. To demonstrate the appalling toxic cooked food-making process, Hai specially brought from the black workshop a group of toxic chemicals.

"With water using sodium sulfide, all hairs on the meat off. "Hai said, some black powder of sodium sulfide, and put only one-third dissolve in water buckets, stirred suddenly emitted a pungent choking smell of a cough. Subsequently, the Hai has three dark, furry cow ears, soaked in sodium sulfide solution after a period of time, a Hai put on rubber boots to become a step on the stamp, "(NAS) is a strong base, soften hair, step out. ”

After three leading hair removal, and is placed in a very pungent smell of ammonium sulfate solution soak. "Effect of ammonium is that tightening the hair follicle on meat, flesh becomes smooth. "Hai said that the last operation is the leader in industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide (commonly known as hydrogen peroxide) soak has a strong bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide as a strong oxidizing agent.

After about an hour in total of the three chemicals, the last three dirty leader only to be reborn, becoming white and smooth, then cooked flavored, cooked food stalls that can be sent to the meat market for sale.

2, make unannounced visits to black workshop hidden in a cattle farm in the

Through the ocean point, August 29 at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, journalists on-site investigations found this black workshop hidden in a cattle farm, cow manure around the black workshop overflowing, foul-smelling. Black workshop for a total of four operations, in addition to a room with two women outside the mouth cattle mutilation, and other operations are locked. Reporters came to black workshop less than a minute later, monitor the 3 man appeared for a press conference, reporters had to find an excuse to leave.

Hai said that it is a lucrative industry, a leader in costs just two Yuan, after chemical treatment can be sold for six or seven one, once halogen can sell for more than 10 pounds of high prices. "So they are very careful, see the stranger coming cross-examination. "Hai said that this black workshop began at eight or nine o'clock every night, to knock off early this morning, day Niu er, pigs ' feet, making more than 300 kilograms of toxic products, has more than 1000 Yuan of income per day. From 2008 onwards, a large number of black Panyu, workshop processed product flow to more meat market.

3, test leader deli detected sulfur dioxide

Subsequently, this reporter went to Zhong Cun, Panyu, Qing he meat market, such as cooked food stalls randomly purchased a couple of ox cooked food. Inspected by the ocean, the leader in processing methods and the way he demonstrates as a noir. In order to confirm the view of Hai, a reporter with a Hai produced leaders bought leader came to South China University of Technology Department of food testing and found that two leaders was found in the same amount of sulfur dioxide residues. Inspectors said the sulfur dioxide in the stomach to form hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide is a strong neurotoxin, deadly.

4, investigating the 27 ingredients soak in solution of chemistry

Last night at 10 o'clock, Hai after the report to the relevant government departments, Express Reporter accompanying the Guangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision, administration, Commerce and industry, local streets and police came to black workshop, but now locked Gates several actions and activities not seen through the door there.

Last night 11:10, joint law enforcement personnel is approved, after forcing open the door to enter the scene, found the House deserted, but the stench hit. Stacked in the House over more than 20 blue plastic barrels for chemical industry, of which 20 big barrel has a number of cows and pigs ears, hooves, tendons and other ingredients in a chemical solution soak in a transparent, some ingredients have been dark and smelly and attracted many flies. Also has a number of uses left at the scene, identified as 27.5% of technical grade hydrogen peroxide solution and powder ammonium sulphate.

More than 10 minutes later, law enforcement officers found a room operation masquerading as a dorm room, seized more than 7 barrels of soaking ingredients, as well as 50 kg and 100 kg of ammonium sulfate with sodium sulfide powder. Seizures of sodium sulfide and ammonium sulphate on the wrapper, this reporter saw were clearly marked with warnings "forbidden food".

"They are operating without a licence, can be characterized as black underground dens, but those ingredients are toxic, also needs further examination. "Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, one law enforcement official said, because the relevant people involved are missing, to further investigate the case much more difficult. At about 2 o'clock yesterday, law enforcement officers uncovered the ingredients with water weighing about two tons, ingredients, net weight of up to hundreds of kilograms, except samples for testing, but other ingredients will focus on harmless disposal.

Market visits

Individual stall owners admitted into cheap cooked food

New Express News yesterday, reporter visited has, Tianhe district, Tong Xia, and Dong Pu, and stone brand village, and Member village and the sports road several large meat market found, each home meat market are has a to two home sold cattle pig ear, and hoof, cooked food document mouth, despite most stall are said these food material are from formal meat joint factory, but also has individual stall admitted is purchased Yu private human Street, because private meat street of price will low some.

"These (ingredients) when goods are well handled, as manufacturers do, we don't know about. "Tong meat wholesale market under a cooked food stall owners said, he scored more than 20 daily more stewed on their own cows and pigs ears, sold very well, three or four o'clock in the afternoon before they sell out.