High Quality Calcium Chloride 74%/77% Granular/Flake/Pellet for Sale

High Quality Calcium Chloride 74%/77% Granular/Flake/Pellet for Sale Basic Info

  • Model NO.: CC001

  • Type: Calcium Chloride

  • Synonym: Water Hardness

  • Appearance: Flake/Pellet

  • Cyanuric Grade Ammonium Sulfate CAS No: CAS No

  • Origin: China

  • Purity: 77%

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Cyanuric Grade Ammonium Sulfate Chemical: Calcium Chloride

  • Mf: Cacl2

  • Application: Water Treatmen

  • Cyanuric Grade Ammonium Sulfate Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 28272000

High Quality Calcium Chloride 74%/77% Granular/Flake/Pellet for Sale Product Description

High Quality Calcium Chloride 74%/77% Granular/Flake/Pellet For Sale

Product Description:
Synonym: Cal Plus,Water hardness
Chemical: Calcium Chloride
Appearance: Flake/Pellet
Ingredient:CaCl2:74% / 77% / 90% / 94%
Features:Hardness Increaser is used to raise the calcium hardness level in the pool to the ideal range. Prevents water from becoming corrosive and damaging pool's plumbing and heater. Stops staining and etching of pool surfaces caused by low hardness levels. 
0.5kg(or 1lb),1kg(or 2lb),2kg(or 5lb),3kg,4kg(or 10lb),8kg, 10kg,25kg
Pillow Bags,Doy Packs,Gusseted Bags, Pails, Jars, Jugs,Pots,Tubes,Drums and etc. 
Main products we sell:
1)Balancer: sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate(soda ash), sodium bisulphate, calcium chloride, stabilizer(cyanuric acid) and hydrochloric acid
2)disinfectant: SDIC,TCCA, multi-action tablet, calcium hypochlorite, BCDMH
3)Algaecide: polyquaternary Ammonium, WSCP, benzalkonium chloride(BKC), Copper and Multifunction Algaecide.
4)Flocculant: Aluminium sulphate, PAM(Polyacrylamide) and Poly Aluminium chloride(PAC)

Our service:
1)We have been producing and repackaging swimming pool and spa chemicals since 2000. 
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