High Purity Ammonium Pentaborate for Sale


High Purity Ammonium Pentaborate for Sale Basic Info.


Model NO.:CAS: 12046-03-6


Type:Pharmaceutical Intermediates






Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Colour:White


CAS No.:12046-04-7








Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Form:Powder


Packaging Details:25kg/Bag


Transport Package:25kg/Bag


Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Specification:as you need




HS Code:2810002000


High Purity Ammonium Pentaborate for Sale Product Description

    Physical properties: 0 ~ 90 oC C is stable solid, when heated to 90 oC above, the ammonia decomposition released, and with 75% of the water of crystallization and lost 150 oC is less than 1% of the ammonia loss, 200 oC and the pressure of about 200 pa, only contains 4.85% water of crystallization, ammonia loss of 2%.At high temperature with a small amount of ammonia into boron trioxide.
Properties: colorless crystallization orthorhombic system double vertebral crystal class.
Relative density: 1.567
Solubility: soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.

Use:mainly used in telecommunications equipment, advanced glass manufacturing.Used for metal protectant, fire retardant, detergent and analytical reagent.Also used in the synthesis of boride intermediates.In addition, in mining, metallurgy, textile, wood, industrial, high technology, has a wide range of USES.

Product Nameammonium pentaborate
CAS No.12046-04-7
Molecular Formula272.15
Molecular WeightNH4B5O8
AppearanceWhite or needle crystalline
Assay99.0% min
Chloride0.001% max
Sulfate0.005% max

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