China Leading Exporter Ammonium Ferrous Sulphat 21-0-0 with Low Price

Basic Info
  • Appearance: Granular

  • Color: Green

  • Heptahydrate Fe: 19.7 Min

  • Melting Point: 64

  • Trademark: JYJH

  • Origin: Shandong

  • Type: Ferrous Sulfate

  • Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade

  • Monohydrate Fe: 30 Min

  • Molecular Weight: 169.9229

  • Relative Density: 1.898

Product Description
Products Overview
Name: Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate Other Name: Green Vitriol
Main size: Powder size, Crystal Purity: 98% Min
Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Fertilizer Grade, Feed Grade,
CAS No.: 7782-63-0 EINECS NO.: 231-753-5
Application: Industry, Agriculture, Water soluable Fertilizer, Compound fertilizer

Packing & Shipping
Packaging Details: 25KG BAG, 50KG BAG or according to customer's requirement
Delivery time: Within 20 days after order be confirmed

Application Of Magnesium Sulphate
Industrially, ferrous sulphate is mainly used as a precursor to other iron compounds. It is a reducing agent, for the reduction of chromate in cement.
1. It is used in Nutritional Supplement. Together with other iron compounds, ferrous sulphate is used to fortify foods and treat iron-deficiency anemia. Constipation is a frequent and uncomfortable side effect associatedwith the administration of oral supplements. Stool softeners often are bprescribed to prevent constipation.
2. It is used in Colorant Ferrous. Sulphate can also be used to stain concete and some limetones and sandstones a yellowish rust color.
3. It is used in Water Treatment. Ferrous sulphate has been applied for the purification of water by flocculation and for phosphate removal in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants to prevent eutrophication of surface water bodies.
Grade Ferrous Sulphate heptahydrate Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate
Item FeSO4.7H2O FeSO4.H2O
Assay % Min 98 91
Fe % Min 19.7 30
Pb % Max 0.002 0.002
As % Max 0.0002 0.0002
Cd % Max 0.0005 0.0005
Size Through 40 Mesh Sieve Through 40 Mesh Sieve