Caprolactam Grade Ammonium Sulfate Granular

Ammonium Sulfate market is strong,there are two reasons:

One is the autumn fertilizer production start-up in China, ammonium sulfate is mainly used as raw materials for the production of compound fertilizer and fall planted crops more and fruit trees may need to fertilize,fertilizer in autumn is the second half of a reason with a fertilizer,compound fertilizer large,with the start of autumn fertilizer production,the demand of ammonium sulfate in growing.

Two is the export situation is good,this year China's export of ammonium sulfate is better,a large number of ammonium sulfate exports,reducing the supply pressure of the domestic market,the price of ammonium sulfate also formed a certain support.

But because in recent years,China's output of ammonia sulfate is growing very fast, especially the caprolactam ,the construction of coal and natural gas,such as a number of large side device,the market formed a greater impact.coupled with the overall fertilizer market trend is still very weak, the city price of ammonium sulfate increased space is not too large.