Business Club: Ammonium Sulfate In The Week Market Analysis (2.1-2.5)

First, prices

February 5 ammonium commodity index to 49.58, and flat on a cycle high of 106.28 points (2012-05-24) by 53.35%, on June 23, 2014 lows rose 36.65 points to 35.28%. (Note: the cycle since 2011-09-01)

Second, market analysis

Product: on Tuesday, along with Hebei bidding price, Hebei province and Henan, Shanxi and other parts of coking in the coking plant ammonium sulphate prices gradually fell, down 20-65 Yuan/ton, it can be said the price range, Inner Mongolia and Shandong and Northeast China region still dominated by stable prices. Grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate continues to offer partial overhaul enterprises has started. On Wednesday, China Hebei, Shanxi, southern areas of coking-grade ammonium sulfate in a round of price cuts after the market stabilized, coking plant in Shandong area high-end prices fall slightly up. Before the wait-and-see market entry stagnation. Grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate price stabilization, before the difficult to fluctuate. Talks with China's export price stood at 104-110 dollars per ton FOB, no fluctuations.

Chain: China sulphuric acid market in General, less market inquiry, light trading atmosphere, limited market turnover, orders shipped in the contract. Current overall operating rate of sulfuric acid manufacturers 70%, abundant supply in the market, sulfuric acid price quotes in all regions, the major manufacturer to ship doing just fine.

Third, future prediction

Ammonium sulphate products in business analysts, because of the approaching Spring Festival, market pause is expected market prices steady consolidation in recent days.