Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer


Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer Basic Info.


Model NO.:CAS No.: 7783-20-2


Type:Ammonium Sulfate


Appearance:White Granular or Powder


Grade Standard:Agriculture Grade,Food Grade,Steel Grade




Einecs No.:231-984-1




Application:Agriculture Fertilizer




Melting Point:235-280


Critical Relative Humidity:79.2%(30)






HS Code:3102210000


Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer Product Description

Items: Ammonium sulphate granular fertilizer
1.Most typical inorganic nitrogen fertilizer. 
2.Best fast release, quick acting fertilizer. 
3.Used for a variety of crops.

4.Chemical properties:
Color: white
Nitrogen: 20.5% min
Moisture: 1% max
Size: 2mm-5mm
Type: Granular

Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer Use:
1. Ammonium sulfate is excellent nitrogen fertilizer which can be used for basal fertilizer, topdressing, types of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials production.
2. Manufacturing refractory materials with boric acid.
3. Produce ammonium chloride with sodium chloride.
4. Join the plating solution can increase the conductivity.
5. Catalyst of food caramel.
6. Dyeing auxiliary of acid dye.
7. Deliming agent of leather.
8. Ion-exchange material in Mine rare earths.
9. Nitrogen source of saccharomycetes in yeast production.
10. Production of Brewage beer, chemical reagent and battery. 

Ammonium Sulphate Granular Fertilizer Attention:
(1) In case of lower fertilizer efficiency, can't contact with other alkaline fertilizer or substances.
(2) In order to avoid cause soil harden and acidification, Should not be long-term use of ammonium sulfate on the same piece of farmland. If you have to use fertilizer, you can add some lime or organic fertilizer appropriately.
in order to prevent the decomposition of ammonium sulfate, must pay attention to not mixed with lime. General apply the two to 3 ~ 5 days apart.
(3) Not suitable for acid soil.

Grade Ammonium Sulphate
Steel grade
Ammonium Sulphate 
Caprolatam grade
Ammonium Sulphate
Compacted grade
Appearance White, Free flowing, 
from visible foreign
White, Free flowing, 
Free from visible 
f oreign matters
White/Off white, 
Free flowing, Free from visible foreign matters
Total Nitrogen 20.50% min 21.00%min 20.50% min
Sulphur 2 3 .00% min 24.00% min 24.00% min
Moisture 1.0% max 0.5%max 1.0% max
Free acid (as H2SO4) 0. 08 % max 0.08%min 0.2% max

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