Ammonium Sulphate Market Continues To Strengthen?

"The last two weeks, domestic ammonium sulphate market set off a round of price boom," Yu wei, information analyst, told reporters, "it is also based on markets tumbled last month against the background of a rational rally. Merchants dips under the inventory and raw materials, coke enterprises reluctant to quote in Latin America, far East, North of ammonium sulfate market have soared 80~100 Yuan/ton, the pace of increase has not stopped. Due to fertilizer manufacturers and raw materials goods is limited, but the winter market is about to start, just need to exist, most ammonium sulfate factories are still on the market Outlook continues to look, now shipping enthusiasm remained high. ”

Supply side continues to decline

Zhanwei said coking-grade ammonium sulfate and out grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate ammonium sulphate yield bigger sky. Currently coking level ammonium sulfate market supply volume in gradually reduced, due to this year China economic down pressure larger, steel market supply and demand contradictions increased, steel price fell, Mills losses, last month China Mills production more, coke needs reduction volume, coke price continued fell, current many independent coking factory in coke sales price align fell Xia, further limiting insured of intention enhanced, coking level ammonium sulfate has continues to reduced of May. Caprolactam under crude oil continued to fall in the near future, manufacturers lose support, coupled with poor sales and raw materials, high inventory, manufacturer of caprolactam losses to widen further devices may be forced to stop production, grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate market supply will be reduced accordingly. Tightening of domestic prices raised, ammonium sulfate is still a discussion up space.

Demand no good

On November 7, the 16th domestic high concentration phosphate compound fertilizer production Conference held in Xian. Pre-session, fertilizer manufacturers most waiting for the Conference end Hou can has good policy introduced, but according to in the Yu information understand, from recently market see, fertilizer market still wait-and-see mostly, face raw materials market weak, and agricultural (000061, unit's) price lower, and farmers sales difficult, and planting enthusiasm reduced, series problem, fertilizer manufacturers delay can't reported winter price, dealer Xia single caution, so fertilizer manufacturers on this year winter market does not is bullish, on ammonium sulfate of procurement enthusiasm greatly cooling.

The market stopped falling and rebound in the near future, manufacturers of receiving more positive ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi area prices rose slightly, but demand is limited, find it difficult to influence the national market.

In addition, the port in the near future to discuss poor new single transaction limited exports of ammonium sulphate market pull are impossible.

Strong manufacturers reluctant to

Zhanwei said currently most ammonium sulfate factory inventory is not much, look for goods and raw materials active manufacturers reluctant to strong mentality. In addition, its compound fertilizer of winter boot still hopes just needed support, the market Outlook continues to rise. But traders ' current order does not continue to inventory is not very helpful, so manufacturers continue to increase trade volume declined, and as prices rise, traders will be watching every high shipments, continued to cover short positions was unlikely.

From these points see, ammonium sulphate markets still fill up space, but under no volume requirements, only ammonium sulphate market prices supported by domestic demand is weak. A case study of Shandong market, prices are at 570~600 Yuan/ton. Yu information analysis this wave in the upside of the market remained 20~30 yuan/ton, so next ammonium sulphate market continues to crazy, no one is paying for it, look to vendors every high shipment in due course.