Ammonium Sulphate Into The Four Fast-track

In recent years, ammonium sulphate industry in China is developing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013 the coking industry, caprolactam, power total ammonia process of desulfurization and ammonium sulfate production has reached more than 6 million tons, more than 48% over the previous year. As output continues to expand, and pace of transformation and upgrading, ammonium sulphate industry currently has four outstanding features, has entered a fast quality growth, output growth fast, fast zone transfer, circulation of "four" channels.

Quality upgrade

Xinhua learned from the China coking industry association, ammonium sulfate is mainly from coking enterprises in China in previous years before 2012, 50% per cent of the total production. Relatively low quality of their products, some product even with bad odor, color concept, content and low, fertilizer application, and suffer a certain impact on exports. And better grade caprolactam ammonium sulfate to be exported and high-end applications the focus of, and profit margins with Coke products have a wide gap.

Affected by this, local coking enterprises in order to meet the needs of the market, increase the intensity of research and development, and constantly improve our technological level. Now Coke enterprises of Shandong, Hebei and other breakthrough of techniques, product quality has increased significantly and exports began to increase. Furthermore, in recent years with the increase of new caprolactam project, by-product ammonium sulphate production has also been increased substantially.

Fast output growth

According to China's nitrogenous fertilizer industry Association statistics show that in 2009, ammonium sulphate production and capacity of 3 million tons, 2.8 million tons, respectively. In 2013, the national output of more than 6 million tons of ammonium sulfate, mainly from coke, caprolactam, power ammonia desulphurization, chemical waste water industry, yield an increase of 114% over 4 years, production and sales have been growing rapidly.

"Because of the sales status of caprolactam is very good, and most imports of caprolactam in China a few years ago, State support in order to meet domestic demand, manufacturers are actively expansion project. "An industry expert told reporters.

Zone transfer

Reporters learned through the enterprise investigation before 2013, occupy domestic production of ammonium sulfate 80% Coker, caprolactam from two major industries, mainly in the South. With the accelerated process of the development of Northwestern China, Northwest of ammonium sulfate to transfer increasing trend.

According to reports, because of the main production areas of South Africa for the production of ammonium sulfate factories of raw materials, the supply of raw materials and transportation more convenient, depending on size of rare earth compound fertilizer and production areas, forming a supply-production-sales (including export) a long chain.

Market fast

Datang international hexigten of Inner Mongolia coal-gas limited liability company ammonium sulfate introduced sales manager Liu Jie, has now completed or under construction project future production of ammonium sulfate is large, most of the project with an annual output of 400,000 tons or more, given the limitations of logistics and transport, companies are supporting the construction of railway transportation channel. Output especially in Xinjiang ammonium sulfate concentration or distribution base dedicated to the development, by railway and highway transport to East China, central China and ports for fast-moving. Closer to the port business, building steam, sea transport, combined transport patterns evolved, not only to reduce logistics costs, is to grasp the fast rhythm of logistics circulation Foundation.