Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium Sulphate Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Classification:Organic Fertilizer

  • Release Type:Quick

  • Appearance:Crystal

  • Origin: China

Ammonium Sulphate Product Description

Specification: ( GB535-1995)

Inspection Items Unit Superior Firest Grade Regular Grade
Nitrogen Contend %≤ 21.0 21.0 20.5
Sulphur(as S) %≤ 23.0 23.0 23.0
Moisture %≥ 0.2 0.3 1.0
Free Sulfric acid(H2SO4) %≥ 0.03 0.05 0.20
Fe %≥ 0.007
As %≥ 0.00005
Heavy Metal(as Pb) %≥ 0.005
Insoluble Matter in Water %≥ 0.01
Appearance White Crystal, No Impurities

Ammonium Sulphate Packing: Plastic woven bag inner with plastic bag in 25kg/50kg/1000kg/1250kg or according to customer's demand.

Handling and storage: Store in dry and ventilated house with packages sealed away from moisture. Prevent the material from rain in case to be dissolved and lost during transportation.

Applications: Mainly used in fertilizer, the advantage is it less absorb moisture compare to other fertilizers. It also can be used in industry, such as used in pharmaceuticals, textiles. The best one also can be used in beer brew industry.

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