Ammonium Sulfate: Benefit Environmental Stability

On December 11, the ammonium sulphate market stable. Shanxi ammonium widespread price 500~550 Yuan (t price, the same below), compared with the previous month, rising 30~50. At present, winter boot, compound fertilizer plant and raw materials procurement is also not ideal, urea, a downward trend, but as one of the varieties of nitrogenous fertilizer ammonium sulfate was relatively stable, this is why? Survey found that properties of ammonium sulfate fertilizer, but their production, capacity, prices, and more are subject to the environmental impact of this property.

Capacity and environmental protection

"China's production was first used in ammonia and sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate, but ' Twelve-Five ', with the acceleration of national environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, increasing proportion of by-product ammonium sulfate. Domestic production of ammonium sulfate by-product of almost all came from other industries, so it can be referred to as subsidiary industries. By-product of its main source for caprolactam, coking plant by-product, byproduct of power plants, chemical plants produced and cyanuric acid by-product of the five categories, total annual production capacity of 12.5 million tons. "Shandong-Hong Liu Tao at the industry group chemical analysis, said.

"By 2012, ammonium sulphate production comes mainly from the coking industry in our country. Caprolactam coking-grade, level and other levels of around, and 52% and 18% ammonium sulphate production. In recent years, with the increasing demand for the environmentally friendly, sweetening, chemical desulphurization of power such a large number of FGD built by-product ammonium sulphate production increased, so Coke grade, caprolactam grade scales and at other levels of capacity to 4:4:2. "Industry analysts say.

Industry insiders said, with increasingly strict environmental protection, power plants and chemical plant desulfurization by-product ammonium sulphate production capacity will continue to increase.

Prices edge environmentally friendly

In 2015, with the increased environmental protection, failed to pass the Green Coke enterprises has suffered a more severe suspend production for rectification, a few small Coke enterprises were forced to stop production, and iron and steel industry, reducing the demand for Coke, coke enterprises struggling limited production runs. Coking-plant operating rates of ammonium levels are relatively low, especially late in August and early September, Hebei enterprises operating rate in and around Coke only 20%~70% for a period of about half a month; to 10-11 month, large coking enterprises operating rate of less than 85%. "Coke enterprises production, ammonium sulfate and low production. As coke enterprises survive tough, when outgoing cut-off or limiting the production of messages in the coking plant, ammonium sulphate prices will rise. "Industry analysts say.

Exports increased because of environmental

"The consumption structure is the main export of ammonium, fertilizers and metals. In major is used directly, extrusion, granulation and used in fertilizer, fertilizer production, little used in textile, leather, medicine and so on. As a flow of fertilizer, ammonium sulfate is also enjoying some preferential policies of the fertilizer industry, such as tariff concessions and so on; and in terms of import and export policies, ammonium sulfate and is environmentally-friendly products duty-free export, greatly supported the ammonium sulphate industry development. Ammonium sulphate exports are mainly exported to Southeast Asia and other regions, domestic production has increased significantly and international market demand, exports increased. Exports is expected in 2015 or the domestic production of 50%~60%. Exports to a certain extent, ease the contradiction between supply and demand and prices inflated. "Industry analysts say.

From December 1, 2008, the State applies a zero-tariff policy on ammonium sulphate exports, is one of the few zero-tariff products in chemical fertilizer products. Ammonium sulfate export maintains steady growth in China in recent years, especially in 2015 ammonium sulphate exports prices rose. According to customs data, in January-October, China's cumulative exports 4.1503 million tons of ammonium sulfate, up from 3.2983 million tonnes in 2014 1 October 852,000 tons, an increase of 25.83% and ammonium in January-October this year average export price $ 132, 126.33 from $ 5.67 dollars in the same period last year, or 4.49%.

Analysis of the industry, ammonium sulfate is benefiting from environmentally friendly products, exports increased support from the national policy on environmental protection industry. Ammonium sulfate can be out of market independent of the other kinds of fat.