(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate

(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Fertilizer, Purity: N 21%

  • Release Type: Slow

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Type: Compost

  • Color: White, off-White

  • Molecular Formula: (Nh4)2so4

  • Purity: 99% Min

  • Chemical Ammonium Sulfate Density: 1.769 g/cm3

  • Einecs No.: 231-984-1

  • Transport Package: 25kg or 50 Kg or 1000 Kg Net Wpp/PE Bags.

  • Origin: Hebei Province

  • Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • (NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Appearance: Granular

  • Chemical Ammonium Sulfate State: Fine White, Hygroscopic Granules or Crystals.

  • Odor: Odorless

  • Application: Agriculture Fertilizer

  • Molar Mass: 132.14 G/Mol

  • CAS No.: 7783-20-2

  • Trademark: Chang Sheng

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 3102210000

(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Product Description

Ammonium sulfate (IUPAC-recommended spelling; also ammonium sulphate in British English), (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.
White or off-white granule, easily soluble in water. Aqueous solution appears acid. Insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia, Easily deliquescent in the air.

Melting point::: 235 °C                                            Flash point::: Non-flammable

Critical relative humidity::: 79.2%                         Standard:: GB535-1995

Solubility in water

70.6 g/100 mL (0 °C)

74.4 g/100 mL (20 °C)
103.8 g/100 mL (100 °C)
Solubilityinsoluble in acetone, alcoholand ether

Specification:- Standard:: GB535-1995


Ammonium Sulphate
Steel grade

Ammonium Sulphate 
Caprolatam grade

Ammonium Sulphate
Compacted grade


White, Free flowing, 
from visible foreign

White, Free flowing, 
Free from visible 
foreign matters

White/Off white, 
Free flowing, Free from visible foreign matters

Total Nitrogen

20.50% min


20.50% min


23.00% min

24.00% min

24.00% min


1.0% max


1.0% max

Free acid (as H2SO4)

0.08% max


0.2% max

(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Application:

Ammonium Sulphate is mostly used as nitrogen fertilizer, it provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur, meets short term sulphur deficits of crops, pastures and other plants.Fast release, quick acting
More efficiency than urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride,  
Can be readily blended with other fertilisers. It has the desirable agronomic features of being a source of both nitrogen and sulphur.
Ammonium sulphate can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and strengthen resistance to disaster,can be used for common soil and plant in basic fertilizer, additional fertilizer and seed manure.

Suitable for the rice seedling, paddy fields, wheat and grain, corns or maize, the growth of tea, vegetables, fruit trees, hay grass, lawns, turf and other plants. 

Ammonium sulfate has also been used in flame retardant compositions acting much like diammonium phosphate.
As a flame retardant, it lowers the combustion temperature of the material, decreases maximum weight loss rates, and causes an increase in the production of residue or char.

(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Delivery Detail:

25kg, 50kg/bag or 1000kgs Jumbo bag, Packed in PP woven bags with PE film liner 25MT/20'FCL
10-15 Days after confirm contract

(NH4) 2so4 N 21%, Granular/Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Storage:

Kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture, water, rain and fire. Avoid shipment with acid, alkali class, edible orange mix of chemicals. Common transportation tools.

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1. Mixed container, we can mix different items in one container.
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