Tip three chemicals food industries disabled

Sodium: inorganic compounds, also known as stinking alkali, smelly yellow soda, alkali, sodium sulfide, mainly uses leather, dye hair removal and metal smelting and so on. Cause burns when they touch the skin and hair of sodium sulfide, hydrogen sulfide poisoning caused by oral administration of sodium sulfide.

Ammonium sulfate: colorless crystals or a white Pellet, odorless, low toxicity. Mainly used as fertilizer, applicable to a variety of soils and crops, and can also be used for textiles, leather and so on.

Industrial grade hydrogen peroxide: used for chemical production of thiourea dioxide and other raw materials, disinfectants, as well as in printing and dyeing industry as a bleaching of cotton fabrics, or used for plating solution, but it is strictly forbidden for the food industry.

Sectoral action

Guangdong deployment strike black workshop

Report to the 24-hour telephone hotlines and mailboxes

New Express News reporter Huang Chiung-piao correspondent Guangdong Gong Xuan reported yesterday, Guangdong Province Police Office, and by letter Board, and agricultural Office, and Health Office (food Ann do), and Bureau, and quality prison Council, and food drug supervision authority, sector common held TV conference call, full deployment carried out "playing four black four pests" special action, severe combat producing counterfeit food drug of black workshop, and producing counterfeit production subsistence of black factory, and received spoils fence of black market, and involved yellow involved bet involved HIV of black dens.

Deputy Director of the provincial public security department Zheng Dong stressed that "four black" is closely related to the basic necessities of life, production and living of the people, directly endanger people's lives and safety, seriously endangering public security and social integrity, if not solved will directly undermine the party's authority. Operations by focusing on a number of cases detected, punish offenders, treatment of a number of critical areas, firmly smash "four black" criminal networks, and make sure people from harm, enhance people's sense of security.