Jiangsu chemical passed CNCA cyanuric proficiency testing

To actively cooperate with the AQSIQ "quality improvement" activity and food safety rectification work, continuing to strengthen laboratory capacity building, national certification and accreditation Administration Commission organizes social hot spots and focus on the detection of laboratory proficiency testing in the area.

Physical and chemical testing centre of Jiangsu Province enrolled in the certification and accreditation Administration Committee organization 2009 proficiency testing program of detection of illegal additives in food a class project--"determination of cyanuric acid in dairy products" proficiency testing schemes. Comprehensive testing of the plan by the China Academy of inspection and quarantine centre is responsible for implementing

A few days ago, I obtained from the project coordination unit of the CNCA certificate of proficiency issued by the qualified laboratories, test results submitted for satisfactory results. Certificate number CNCA-2009-A08-2-4. This is my Center of November 08, first by the CNCA "dairy ' melamine ' test" proficiency in September 09 and Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision "melamine detection capability" special verification, again through the relevant proficiency testing. This marks the center of illegal additives in food--melamine and related material detection power is stable and reliable.