Caprolactam Grade Ammonium Sulfate Crystal

Basic Info

Classification:Nitrogen FertilizerRelease Type:Slow
Nitrogen Content:21%MinWater:0.1%Max
Free Acid:0.03%MaxSulphate:23%

Ammonium Sulphate 21%

Purity: N 21%min
Apperance: White crystal

Packing: 50KG/Bag or 1000KG/Bag
HS code: 31022100

Inspection allowed
Uses: Ammonium sulphate 21%

(1)Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer for variety of soil and crops.
(2 )can also be used in textile, leather, medicine and so on.
(3 )consumption from the industrial ammonium sulfate. Ammonium sulfate dissolved in distilled water, except the addition of arsenic and heavy metals in solution purification agents, filtration, evaporation, cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying. Used as food additives, as dough conditioner, yeast nutrients.
(4 )used in biochemistry, common salt, salting, salting initially be upstream from the fermentation products of purified proteins.

Product Description


Easily soluble in water.

Insoluble in ethanol or acetone ,hygroscopicity.

It react with alkalis and release ammonia gas

Storge and transportation:

Ammonium sulfate should be stored in cool, dry,ventilated warehouse,avoid to be exposed in sunshine,rain and high temperature

During the transportation:

Avoid shipment with acid,alkali stuff,prevent it from sunlight and rain and do not damage the packing bags.


  1. Fast release,quick acting

  2. More efficiency than urea,ammonium chloride,ammonium nitrate

  3. It has the desirable agronomic features of being a source of both nitrogen and sulphur

  4. The ammonium sulfate could be also used as the raw material of NPK. the water soluble fertilizer,drip irrigation fertilizer,and so on 

  5. Ammonium sulfate can make crops thrive and improve friut quality and yield and strengthen resistance to disaster,can be used for common soil and plant in basic fertilizer,additional fertilizer and seed manure.