Caprolactam: when the stars bright?

With the sharp drop in international crude oil prices, a few years ago all capital sought after chemical star product--caprolactam, the market price has been in decline, manufacturers overall profits rapidly compressed, have been running at a deficit. In early 2012, caprolactam price about 21800 Yuan/ton, the profit of more than 10,000 yuan per ton and mid-February this year, prices have fallen to their lowest point in years-10500 RMB/ton, manufacturer of caprolactam loss up to 1500 Yuan/ton, plus some by-products returns, manufacturer of caprolactam losses as a whole remained serious. So, why the star product of caprolactam fall? Where is the upgrade path for the future? To this end, the China chemical industry news journalists in a survey interview.

Rapid growth in production of high-end products to be developed

Caprolactam is an important organic chemical raw materials, mainly used in the production of nylon 6 plastics and nylon 6 fiber. Nylon 6 plastics mainly used for automobiles, ships, electrical components, industrial machinery and consumer goods, and textiles made from nylon 6 fiber, yarn and carpet yarn, etc. In addition, can also be used for the production of caprolactam antiplatelet drug 6-Aminocaproic acid, Laurel nitrogen ketones.

Due to the strong demand for caprolactam, the production plant capacity expansion or new, China's self-sufficiency rate of caprolactam above increased from 30% in 2005 to 87% in 2014. Meanwhile, domestic capacity is rapidly expanding, starting in 2012, China's imports of caprolactam began to decline. In 2012, the imported 720,000 tons of caprolactam, dependence on imports is as high as 50% in 2014, imports fell to 223,000 tons of caprolactam, import dependence is 12.69%.

Rapid development of caprolactam production scale in China not only, single unit capacity is rapidly increasing. In October of last year, Fujian Shen Yuan new material limited company with an annual output of 1 million tons of caprolactam project (with an annual output of 400,000 tons of caprolactam) began construction. On July 27 this year, Shen Yuan, Fujian and Netherlands caprolactam DSM the company was signed in Fuzhou phase II technology license agreement. Under the agreement, Shen Yuan, Fujian will continue to be used in stage ⅱ project of caprolactam DSM's proprietary HPOplus technology, the second plant will include 3 200,000 tons of caprolactam production line. Once the project is fully operational, Shen Yuan, Fujian caprolactam total capacity will reach 1 million tons/year, become the world's largest production base of caprolactam.

Reporters noted that behind the sharp decline in imports of caprolactam in China, domestic price competition is fierce, prices fell repeatedly, lead to import sources to enter China. In 2014, annual average prices for imports of caprolactam 2257 dollars/ton, or about 17788 Yuan/ton and domestic price 16406 Yuan/ton of caprolactam in 2014. However, while domestic prices lower than the prices of imports of caprolactam, imports of caprolacta