Baling of caprolactam to strengthen management at Ramada turned

Caprolactam baling petrochemical Division had years of losses, the production of challenging business conditions, other kinds of accidents happened in 2009 alone, 47. In 2010, the Division not only among the baling petrochemical 4 annual "double civilization" construction of comprehensive winning race, first only the special contribution award.

"In the past when the market situation is good, bad device is open when the device finally opened when, but changes in the market, giving people miss the trip to the sense of helplessness. Today, the market situation is good, start up firm and high yield, excellent quality, consumption decline, visible changes in enterprise features and benefits, see but can feel change is the idea of strengthening the management of people. "On April 6, spoke of the factory's" Metamorphosis ", overview of caprolactam baling petrochemical Division head.

"Division of caprolactam to completely change the look must find gaps in management, based on subjective grasping rectification, requirements to implement fine management, only then to fully tap the potential and releases, reflect the true level of. "Baling petrochemical leader urges and encourages our ears. End of 2009, nearly baichang "management rethink" discussion, facilitate the Division of fine management of cadres and workers control "mirror" short Board, thus bringing about changes in management.

The Division party obtains from the standard party work processes, with conducting a comprehensive analysis of the branches, Branch Secretary and Committee responsibilities were clear, standardized branch accounts table. Request the addition grab daily outside the party building and ideological and political work must lead in grasping the unit discipline, cadres on duty, rest assured that the work, five 5S management and Deputy class work and meet the do a good job of "three bases" and staff training. Party branch Secretary of responsibilities clearly, so that party workers to effectively take on the production and operation of other work, allow the Administration to concentrate on improving security, creating efficiency and development.